Printable Help & Instructions

1. General Setup
Installing RinkWriter
Initializing RinkWriter
The Desktop Folder
The "Scoresheets" Folder
The "app.pathRW02" Folder
Varsity and JV Folders
The Main Menu
Computer and Printer
2. Rosters
Entering Team Rosters
The "app.pathRW02" Folder
The " Game" Folder
The "HS" Folder
Multiple Desktop Folders
Importing Rosters
Importing a Single Roster
Importing All Rosters
3. PreGame Setup
The Main Menu
The Pregame Setup
The Teams Window
Gender, Age, and Level
Creating Team Rosters
Pregame Rosters Printout
The Rink/Game Setup
Entering the Date
Set Period Lengths
The Scoresheet Title
Team Records and Opponents
Obtaining Game Rosters
Entering Game Rosters
The Game Worksheet
5. Game Entries
Game Entries
Entering a Goal
Announcing a Goal
Entering a Penalty
Announcing a Penalty
Entering a Penalty Shot
Entering a Shootout
6. Between Periods
Entering SOG and Saves
Goalie Playing Times
Quality Chances and Faceoffs
Overtime Setup
7. Post Game
Overtime Setup
Entering a Shootout
Goalie Playing Times
Naming Scoresheets
Uploading Scoresheets
Printing Partial Games
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