Rosters may be typed directly into the software... or when available, they may be downloaded from this page.

Type the Rosters  

 Importing Selected Individual Team Rosters

  Importing All MN or All ND H.S. Rosters
Open RinkWriter's "Rosters" Window and type in the rosters.

Printable Instructions

Video Instructions (3:20)


  Individual 2022-23 team rosters may be  imported for any MN or ND high school team. Choose from the following options:

Minnesota Boys

Minnesota Girls

North Dakota Boys or Girls

Remember that you must use the exact team name as shown on the web page from where you imported the roster.

Printable Instructions

Video Instructions  (1:33)

  You may import all MN or all ND high school rosters at the same time.

This method will replace your

  • the "HS" folder... filled with the rosters and

  • the "RWTeams" file... filled with the matching team names. 

Click and download the desired zipped folder. It contains of all of the 2022-23 rosters and team names.  

All Minnesota Boys (zipped) (Pending)

All Minnesota Girls (zipped) (New)

All ND Rosters (zipped) (Pending) 

This should replace all of your team names and corresponding rosters.

Printable Instructions

    Video Instructions  (3:57)
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