Uploading Your Scoresheets to the Internet 

To upload your scoresheets to the RinkWriter® web site (optional)... 

Contact RinkWriter® for a: 

  • Username & 
  • Password

To Upload a scoresheet, you must print/save your scoresheet as a PDF file.  It is recommended that you save it to a "Scoresheets" folder on your desktop.  This folder will become your default folder.
 PDF Name

The required PDF name:

  • "Open" the link for your scoresheet on the Internet.
  • When the link opens, a URL (address) should appear.
  • Your scoresheet's PDF name should appear within the URL.
  • www.rinkwriter.com/stma/riverhawks_12_12_11.pdf
  • In this URL link, the scoresheet name is "riverhawks_12_12_11"
After printing/saving your scoresheet as a PDF file:
  1. Open the RinkWriter® web site 
  2. Click on the Upload a Scoresheet link
  3. Enter your username
  4. Enter your password
  5. Browse to find the scoresheet (In your desktop "Scoresheets" folder?)
  6. Select your scoresheet
  7. Click on the Upload scoresheet button
  8. A message should appear... indicating that your scoresheet has been successfully uploaded.

Remembering how to create PDF Names:
  • team name or tournament name     (all lower case) 
  • year    13  for 2013  (always 2 digits) 
  • month    12  for December, 01 for January, 02 for February, etc. (always 2 digits) 
  • day    01 for the 1st day of the month, 02 for the 2nd, 14 for the 14th, etc. (always 2 digits) 
  • no spaces allowed
  • all parts must be separated by the _ symbol
  • for tournaments, you will use a game numberg1, g2, g3, etc.  (all lower case)
Sample PDF names:
  • cathedral_13_02_19
  • tech_13_11_15
  • cic_14_g1
  • girls6aa_13_02_14_g2
  • stad_13_g5
  • willmargirls_13_12_17