Naming and Using PDF Files

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe Systems in 1993 for document exchange.

You may download a FREE PDF writer from this web site:










RinkWriter® has been creating PDF files with the CutePDF Writer since 2001. 

Printing/Saving scoresheets using Adobe's CutePDF Writer works the same as printing paper copies of your scoresheet.  

Simply choose the CutePDF Writer as your desired printer.


PDF files can be: 

  • saved
  • sent as e-mail attachments or 
  • uploaded to the Internet,

Every scoresheet (PDF file) will need a unique name.  

For the purpose of organizing your scoresheets:

  • use a team name, a league name, or a tournament name (or abbreviated name)
  • the current year  (2 digits)
  • the current month  (2 digits)
  • the current day  (2 digits)


  • The 7th game of the 2014 Center Ice Classic may look something like this:  cic_14_g7
  • The Icebreakers game on the January 15, 2014 could look something like this:  icebreakers_14_01_15

For consistency, RinkWriter will use lowercase letters and 2 digits for the year, 2 digits for the month, and 2 digits for the day. 

Use the "_" symbol in place of blank spaces.

This allows you to sort your scoresheets by tournament, league, or team name, and then into chronological year, month, and day or game number. 

By default the, " CutePDF Writer" always saves your scoresheet to the same folder ...and by default, the uploading "Browse" button always takes you back to the same to make it easy for yourself... create a "Scoresheets" folder on you desktop...for "saving to" and "uploading from" that folder.