Version 18.09.01

  • RinkWriter has been designed for PC computers with the Windows operating system.
  • Your version of the software has a unique name (YourTown19), therefore, your anti-virus software may not recognize it as a commonly used software. You may have to grant permission for installation.
  • Use "First Time Installation" if RinkWriter has never been installed on your computer and use "Installing an Upgrade" if RinkWriter has already been installed on your computer.

1. Download your RinkWriter Package.

  • Click here to download your zipped YourTown19_Package into your "Downloads" folder ...or to your desktop.
  • This file may be copied and pasted to other computers in your hockey community.
2.  Install RinkWriter.
  • Open your YourTown19_Package and run the setup.
  • Follow the installation instructions.
  • The setup automatically installs RinkWriter into the "Program Files" folder on your "C: drive". 

3. Proceed to:










1. Create a new "RinkWriter" folder on your desktop or use an existing "RinkWriter" on your desktop.
  • Right-click here and "Save link as..." to save "YourTown19.exe" directly into your desktop "RinkWriter" folder(s).
  • You may have to grant your anti-virus software permission to keep and run RinkWriter because it may not familiar with its new and unique name.

2. Run RinkWriter

  • Open your desktop  RinkWriter folder.
  • Double-click on the "YourTown19.exe" icon to "Run" the software.
  • The first time you run the software, an "app.pathRW02" folder is automatically created inside of your "RinkWriter" folder.
  • The "app.pathRW02" folder stores all of data inside of each RinkWriter folder.
  • RinkWriter comes preloaded with two fictitious boys' high school teams (Moose River & Wolfe Lake Falls).
  • You may add your own teams, rosters, coaches, etc.
  • When "Installing an Upgrade", to an existing folder, your current data (teams, rosters, coaches, etc.) should remain available and be ready to use.
  • When Upgrading, run the new version of your software (YourTown19.exe).  You may remove any older versions.

3. Create a "Scoresheets" folder on your desktop:

  • You will learn about printing scoresheets later...
  • Print/Save scoresheets as PDF files.
  • Save scoresheets into your "Scoresheets" folder.
  • Print paper scoresheets from your PDF files.
  • You may upload you PDF scoresheets to the RinkWriter Scoreboard.


 Multiple Folders on Your Desktop:

  • You may have more than one "Rink Writer" folder on your desktop. 
  • For high school games, it works best to have one folder for your "JV" games and another folder for your "Varsity" games.  This allows you to set up both games ahead of time.  Each folder contains its own set of data or it's own game.
  • If you are working with boys and girls teams and each has a JV and Varsity team, you may prefer to have 4 folders on your for each team and named as: (Boys Varsity, Boys JV, Girls Varsity, and Girls JV).
  • To create a new desktop folder, "Copy and Paste" any existing folder.
  • Each folder must have its own name.
  • Visit RinkWriter's on-line Help to learn more.
  • For tournaments, you may have separate folders for each and every game.

Renaming RinkWriter Folders and Files:

  • You may rename "RinkWriter" folders.  
  • You may rename the YourTown19.exe software which is located inside of your "RinkWriter" folder.
  • If you have multiple folders on your desktop...every folder must have its own name.
  • You may create separate folders for every game of your season...