Printable Instructions

Setup Instructions Game-Time Entries Post Game
Installation The Time Calculator Printing Paper Scoresheets
The RinkWriter Folder Tabulating Data on Worksheet Printing Scoresheets as PDF Files
The "app.pathRW02" Folder Entering Goals Uploading a Scoresheet
Creating PDF files Entering Penalties Uploading After Each Period
Multiple Folders Coincidental Penalties E-mailing a Scoresheet
 Multiple Tournament Folders 3 or More Penalties.
Announcing Penalties & Goals
Pregame Setup Announcing Coincidentals
Main Menu The Game Log
Typing a Roster Between Periods Other
Importing  Rosters Entering Goalie Stats Contact Us
E-Mailing Rosters Quality Chances & Faceoffs Liscensing Options
E-Mailing Rosters Overtimes Order Forms
Pregame Setup
Pregame Setup Computer/Printer Kit
Team Names
Gathering Starting Lineups Video Instructions
Entering Starting Lineups  
Entering Coaches
Entering Officials
Entering Conference/Tournament
Entering Records/Next Opponets
Printing Pregame Lineups
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