2018-19 Rinkside Scoresheets

Sat, Dec 15

Boys South St. Paul  2 St. Cloud Cathedral  5 Scoresheet
Boys Red Wing  2 Fergus Falls  5 Scoresheet
Boys Bagley-Fosston  3 Prairie Centre  7 Scoresheet
Boys G.F. Red River  1 Grand Forks Central  8 Scoresheet
Boys Jamestown  2 Minot  3 Scoresheet
Boys Legacy Christian  3 Sauk Rapids-Rice  15   Scoresheet
Girls Fargo North-South  5 Devils Lake  2 Scoresheet
Girls Austin  0 Prairie Centre  11 Scoresheet
Girls Fergus Falls  6 Crookston  0 Scoresheet
Girls Mound-Westonka  6 Alexandria  0 Scoresheet

Fri, Dec 14

Boys Minneapolis  6 Crookston 5 (OT) Scoresheet
Boys River Lakes  3 Fergus Falls  5 Scoresheet
Boys Grafton-PR  0 Fargo Davies  6 Scoresheet
Girls Willmar  1 Sartell-SR  3 Scoresheet
Girls Fargo Davies  2 West Fargo  1 Scoresheet

Thu, Dec 13

Boys Eastview  3 Bl. Jefferson  2 (OT) Scoresheet
Boys Northern Lakes  1 Princeton  7 Scoresheet
Boys Sartell-St. Stephen  9 Sauk Rapids-Rice  2 Scoresheet
Boys St. Cloud Tech-Apollo 4 Alexandria  5 Scoresheet
Girls St. Cloud Icebreakers  3 Alexandria  1 Scoresheet
Girls Willmar  6 Prairie Centre  0 Scoresheet
Girls Jamestown  1 Devils Lake  2 (OT) Scoresheet

Tue, Dec 11

Boys Little Falls  6 Prairie Centre  4 Scoresheet
Boys Litchfield-DC  2 Bl. Kennedy  2 (OT) Scoresheet
Boys Sauk Rapids-Rice  2 Monticello  6 Scoresheet
Boys Alexandria  2 SC Cathedral   3 (OT) Scoresheet
Boys West Fargo  6 Devils Lake  0 Scoresheet
Boys Fargo South-S.  1 G.F. Central  7 Scoresheet
Boys Grafton-PR  6 W.F. Sheyenne  5 (OT) Scoresheet
Girls Bemidji  5 Crookston  1 Scoresheet
Girls River Lakes  0 Alexandria  4 Scoresheet
Girls Brainerd-LF  5 Sartell-SR  1 Scoresheet
Girls Thief River Falls  5 Grand Forks  0 Scoresheet
Girls Williston  1 Minot  4 Scoresheet

Sun, Dec 9


St. Cloud PWB2 


Sat, Dec 8


St. Cloud PWB2 

Boys Eden Prairie  6 Brainerd  2 Scoresheet
Boys Eveleth-Gilbert  0 Princeton  2 Scoresheet
Boys Benilde-St.M.  3 Hermantown  2 Scoresheet
Boys New Prague  1 Bl. Jefferson  3 Scoresheet
Boys Tartan  5 Crookston  1 Scoresheet
Boys Minnehaha Acad.  2 Minneapolis  4 Scoresheet
Boys Dickinson  1 Minot  3 Scoresheet
Girls East Grand Forks  6 Fergus Falls  4 Scoresheet
Girls Fargo Davies 3 Minot 0 Scoresheet

Fri, Dec 7


St. Cloud PWB2 

Boys Benilde-St. M.  3 Brainerd  1 Scoresheet
Boys Cloquet-E-C  3 Bl. Jefferson  4 Scoresheet
Boys Eden Prairie  3 Hermantown  5 Scoresheet
Boys Fargo Davies  0 G.F. Central  3 Scoresheet
Boys St. Paul Johnson  3 Crookston  3 (OT) Scoresheet
Girls Jamestown  2 Minot 3 Scoresheet
Girls Bismarck  6 West Fargo United 0 Scoresheet

Thu, Dec 6

Boys Wadena-DC  0 Little Falls  7 Scoresheet
Boys Becker-Big Lake  2 Sauk Rapids-Rice  4 Scoresheet
Boys Fergus Falls 4 Willmar  4 (OT) Scoresheet
Boys North Branch  4 Princeton  4 (OT) Scoresheet
Boys W.F. Sheyenne  1 Devils Lake  1 (SO) Scoresheet
Boys Bismarck High  8 Jamestown  3 Scoresheet
Girls Detroit Lakes  0 Prairie Centre 3 Scoresheet
Girls Marshall  3 New Ulm  2 (OT) Scoresheet
Girls S.C. Icebreakers  1 Fergus Falls  4 Scoresheet
Mon, Dec 3 Girls Orono  2 Hutchinson  6 Scoresheet
Tue, Dec 4 Boys Princeton  6 Monticello  7 Scoresheet
Boys Fergus Falls  3 Brainerd  9 Scoresheet
Boys Sauk Rapids-Rice  0 Alexandria  10 Scoresheet
Boys West Fargo  1 G.F. Red River  4 Scoresheet
Boys G.F. Central  17 W.F. Sheyenne 0 Scoresheet
Girls Moorhead  0 Brainerd-LF 13 Scoresheet
Girls Alexandria  0 Fergus Falls  1 Scoresheet
Girls Waseca  1 New Ulm  9 Scoresheet
Girls St. Francis-NB  3 Princeton  4 Scoresheet
Girls River Lakes  1 Sartell-SR  4 Scoresheet
Girls Willmar  3 SC Icebreakers 6 Scoresheet
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MN Girls High School
ND Boys High School
ND Girls High School
College of St. Benedict
St. John's University

RinkWriter® is a tool for the rink-side hockey scorekeeper and it produces a  clean, accurate, comprehensive, smudge-free hockey scoresheet.

RinkWriter® has been used, field tested, and updated since 2001.

RinkWriter® has been used for every high school game at the St. Cloud MAC since 2001.  It has also been used for youth and collegiate games.

RinkWriter® has been designed to be user-friendly. Hockey is a fast game, therefore, it's helpful for scorekeepers to become familiar with the software prior to game-time.  

The official hockey scoresheets on the RinkWriter® Scoreboard have been created and uploaded by actual rink-side hockey scorekeepers.

RinkWriter® has provided the official rink-side scoresheets for:

  • the USA Selects in St. Cloud since 2003.

  • the Minnesota Selects since 2006.

  • the North Dakota State High School Hockey Tournaments since 2005

RinkWriter® has been used for thousands of hockey games and this year's scoreboard alone may include one thousand games?

More than 29,000 unique individuals have visited the RinkWriter® website/scoreboard since January 1st of this year. They have viewed 455,000 pages. 


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RinkWriter® is designed specifically for the rink-side hockey scorekeeper / announcer.

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Hockey scorekeepers may use RinkWriter® with or without the Internet. 

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