What is RinkWriter®?

  • RinkWriter® has produced thousands of official rink-side hockey scoresheets for collegiate, high school, & youth hockey games.

  • RinkWriter® is a software tool designed specifically for the rink-side hockey scorekeeper / announcer.

  • RinkWriter® creates official rink-side hockey scoresheets.

  • Hockey scorekeepers may use RinkWriter® with or without the Internet. 

  • The RinkWriter® hockey scoresheets that you find on this website's scoreboard have been created and uploaded by actual hockey rink-side scorekeepers.

  • Your official RinkWriter® hockey scoresheet may be used for updating other data base web sites.

  • It works best to print your RinkWriter® hockey scoresheets as PDF files.

  • Print paper copies of your hockey scoresheets directly from the software  or from your PDF files.  

  • PDF files can be sent as e-mail attachments, or they may be uploaded to a web site.

  • Paper copies of your hockey scoresheets may be given to both teams and/or the media immediately after each period.

  • RinkWriter® hockey scoresheets may be available for you to find with your smart phone.


  • RinkWriter® has been offering each licensed arena or school the free option to upload their scoresheets to the RinkWriter® scoreboard.

  • Posting scoresheets on-line is optional...but appreciated.

  • In 2014, more than 25,000 unique visitors produced more than 1,300,000 hits on the RinkWriter® web site.

  • The media has expressed an appreciation for having hockey scoresheets posted on-line immediately after each period. 

  • Game scoresheets may be found with your smart phone.

  • RinkWriter® invites you to purchase a license and become a member of its team. 

  • With an Arena Site License, RinkWriter® may be used for any or all games being played at your arena.


2015 Tournament Scoresheets
USA Girls U15 Selects
USA Girls U18 Selects
Minnesota Selects - Boys
Minnesota Selects - Girls
MN PeeWee AA South Regions
MN Bantam AA West Regions
ND Boys State H.S. Tournament
ND Girls State H.S. Tournament
MN Boys Section 2A Playoffs
MN Boys Section 6A Playoffs
MN District 5 Championships
ND Boys H.S. East Region
ND Boys H.S. West Region
MN Girls Section 6AA Playoffs
MN Girls Section 5A Playoffs
MN Girls Section 8A Playoffs
SC Bantam AA Playoff Primer
SC Squirt Super C Tourney
2013-14 RW Scoreboard
2014-15 RW Scoreboard
2015-16 RW Scoreboard
  • For festivals and tournaments, it works great to have multiple RinkWriter® folders on your desktop...one folder for each game.

  • With multiple folders, many games may be set up ahead of time.  Each folder contains its own game.

  • You may create multiple RinkWriter® folders on your desktop for collegiate, high school, bantam, peewee, and/or squirt games...and others.

  • Each team may have its own folder on the desktop.

  • For high school games, it works best to have one folder for your JV games and another folder for your varsity games.

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