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2015-16 Scoreboard

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  • With multiple folders, many games may be set up ahead of time.  Each folder may contain a single game.

 2016 Tournaments
SC PW B2  Season Kickoff
St. Cloud Squirt Super C
St. Cloud Bantam AA Primer
St. Cloud Turkey Trot
Granite City Classic
Fergus Falls Holiday Classic
Little Falls Holiday Classic
Storm'n-Sabres Holiday Classic
Crookston Holiday Classic
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April 1-3

MN Boys Selects
MN Selects Girls
March 11-13

MN U12B State Tournament

Sunday, February 28
MN Pee Wee A West Region
MN Bantam A West Region
MN Bantam AA West Region

Saturday, February 27

ND Boys State H.S. Tournament
ND Girls State H.S. Tournament
MN Pee Wee A West Region
MN Bantam A West Region
MN Bantam AA West Region
Fargo Davies 3 vs. Minot 2 B
West Fargo 2 vs. Grand Forks Central 4 B
Bismarck High 3 vs. G.F. Red River 4 B
West Fargo 1 vs. Bismarck 4  G
Mandan 0 vs. Fargo Davies 6  G
Fargo North - S. 5 vs. Grand Forks 1  G
Friday, February 26
Bismarck  Century 3 vs. Fargo Davies 6  B
Minot 5 vs. Dickinson 4  B
Fargo N-S 0 vs. Bismarck 7  G
Grand Forks 1 vs. West Fargo 5 G
Fargo Davies 5 vs. Williston 1  G
Mandan 2 vs. Minot 2 (OT2)  G
G.F. Central 3 vs. Bismarck H. 4  B
West Fargo 0 vs. G.F. Red River 4  B

Thursday, February 25

ND Boys State H.S. Tournament
ND Girls State H.S. Tournament
MN Boys Section 6A
MN Boys Section 2A
Little Falls 2 @ SC Cathedral 10 (MN 6A)
Breck 5 vs. Delano 3 (MN 2A) 
Fargo Davies 1 vs. Bismarck High 2 (ND Boys)
Bismarck Century 3 vs. G. F. Central 6 (ND Boys)
Dickinson 1 vs. G.F. Red River 4 (ND Boys)
West Fargo 5 vs. Minot 1 (ND Boys)
Williston 3 vs. Bismarck 8 (ND Girls)
Fargo North-S. 4 vs. Fargo Davies 3 (ND Girls)
Minot 3 vs. West Fargo 4 (ND Girls)
Mandan 3 vs. Grand Forks 6 (ND Girls)
Tuesday, February 23
Blake 0 vs. Breck  4  (2A) - Tue
Orono 0 vs. Delano 4  (2A) - Tue
Sunday, February 21

MN District 5 Championships

Saturday, February 20
Augsburg 2 @ St. John's University 4
MN District 5 Championships
ND Boys East Regional
ND Boys West Regional
MN Boys Section 6A
(ER)  Fargo Davies 5 vs. Grafton-PR 4  
(ER)  Fargo S.-S 2 vs. West Fargo 5

(ER)  G.F. Central 4 vs. G.F. Red River 5

(WR)  Mandan 2 vs. Dickinson 4
(WR)  Jamestown 2 vs. Bismarck Century 5
(WR)  Minot 1 vs. Bismarck High 5
 (6A)  Little Falls 4 vs. SC Apollo 1
(6A)  Sartell 2 vs. SC Cathedral 7
 (5A)  Pine City 4 @ Princeton 9
 (2AA)  Holy Family 2 vs. Eden Prairie 4
 (2AA)  Prior Lake 3 vs. Minnetonka 2
(6AA)  Cretin-DH 4 vs. Benilde-SM 3 (OT) 
(6AA)  Edina 3 vs. Wayzata 5
MN District 5 Championships
ND Boys East Regional
ND Boys West Regional
MN Boys Section 6A
2015-16 RW Scoreboard