Tournament Guidelines 

Master "RinkWriter" Tournament Folder:
  • Create a "RinkWriter" folder on your desktop.

  • Name or Rename the folder using the name of your tournament.




Master Schedule:
Create a Master Schedule for your tournament
This should help you to:
  • Visualize which games are being played at each rink. 
  • Assign each game a "Game Number".
  • Assign home & visiting teams (for pool play).
  • This should help verify efficient & economical use of your ice time.
  • This should help verify an adequate time game between games for each team.

Create Individual Rink Schedules:  
From your tournament's master schedule, create a "Rink Schedule" for each rink showing: 
  • Game Numbers
  • Dates
  • Times
  • Home Teams
  • Visiting Teams
  • PDF Names
  • and names of Scorekeepers.   

Computers and Printers:
If more than one rink is being used, a computer and a printer will be needed at each rink. 
Create a Master Folder for the Entire Tournament:
Prior to the tournament, create a "Tournament Master folder".


Run the software from inside of your master folder to enter:

  • Team names
  • Team rosters
  • Names of coaches
  • Names of officials
  • Name of the tournament
  • Generic game announcements
  • Length of periods, and
  • Length of minor penalties. 


Tournament Rosters:
Obtain all team rosters prior to the tournament.  Sometimes, team rosters can be obtained from a team's web site.   The rosters should include: 
  • Jersey number
  • First name,
  • Last name,  
  • Primary position.  
  • Year in school (for high school or college only).
If a player's primary position is unknown, designate the player as a "Forward" (because there are usually more forwards than defensemen).  Changes can be made at game time.

Every team must designate at least one player as a "Goaltender".

Names of Coaches:
If possible, gather and enter the names of all of the coaches prior to the tournament.  Enter the names of all of the coaches into your tournament "RinkWriter"  master folder.
Names of Officials:
If possible, gather the names of all of the officials prior to the tournament.  Enter the names of all of the officials into your tournament "RinkWriter" master folder.  You do not need to know which games they are working.
Scoresheet Title:
In the Scoresheet Title window, enter the name of your tournament so that it will appear on the game scoresheets. 
PDF Files & Names:
If you are planning to send scoresheets as e-mail attachments or to upload them to the Internet, each scoresheet must be printed as a PDF file and each scoresheet must have a unique PDF file name.
Setting up Master Folders for Each Rink:
Copy and Paste a copies of your Master Folder
Make enough copies of the master folder so you have one for each rink.  Rename them and from here create master folders for each rink.

Run the software from inside of each rink's master folder to enter additional information that is specific to each rink: 

  • Name of rink.
  • PA announcements for each specific rink.
  • Name of primary scorekeeper for each rink.

Setting Up Computers for Each Rink:
Transfer the master folders to each rink's computer.
  • Copy and paste each rink's master folder to the computer that is being used at each rink.

  • Make enough copies of the rink's master folder so you have one copy for each game being played at the rink.  
  • Rename the folders so you have one for each game being played at that rink:
    • "Game 1"
    • "Game 5"
    • "Game 8"
    • "Game 15"
    • "Game 22"
    • "Game 37"
    • etc. 

Setting up Individual Games:
After the opponents have been determined...set up each game.
Prior to every game...preferably prior to each day... (as soon as you know which teams are participating in each game):
  • Run the software inside of the folder named "Game 1"... to set up Game 1, 
  • Run the software inside of the folder named "Game 2"... to set up Game 2, 
  • Run the software inside of the folder named "Game 3"... to set up Game 3, 
  • etc.
Set up each game with the:
  • visiting team
  • home team
  • coaches
  • officials
  • scorekeeper

Pre-Tournament Printouts:
Make Printouts for your Tournament Officials and Scorekeepers.
Before each day, print the Worksheet (Tally Sheet) and the Pre-Game Rosters for each of the games you have set up.

Label each printout with:

  • Game Number
  • Day, and 
  • Time 

Suggestion:  use colored cardstock paper... the printouts are more durable and easier to identify among other papers.

Game Time:  Obtain Starting Lineups:

A tournament representative should use the preprinted  Pre-Game Rosters to verify the team rosters and to obtain the starting lineups for the scorekeeper.

A tournament representative should deliver this information to the scorekeeper  prior to the game.  He/She should also make sure the scorekeeper has a copy of the Worksheet for each game.

Pre-Game Entries by Scorekeeper:

  • A tournament representative should take the printed "Pre-Game Rosters" to both teams to verify their rosters and have them mark their starting lineups.
  • The completed "Pre-game Rosters" printout should be delivered to the scorekeeper prior to each game.   
  • The scorekeeper will use this information for entering the Starting Lineups, Names of Officials, etc.
  • The announcer/scorekeeper may also use the "Pre-game Rosters" printout to note the pronunciation of player's names.

Tabulating Data

All penalties and goals are entered into the software by the scorekeeper throughout each game... as they occur.  This should be done at penalty box area.

Use the Worksheet to tabulate:

  • Shots on Goal (Saves)
  • Quality Scoring Chances (optional)
  • Face-offs Won (optional)

The rink-side scorekeeper may tally these or have someone else tally them for the scorekeeper.

Entering Data

This data should be entered into the computer at the end of each period.

If Quality Scoring Chances are entered after each automatically sets all defaults for the next period.

Printing the Game Scoresheet

  • At the conclusion of each period, the scorekeeper should enter the "Shots on Goal", "Saves", "Quality Scoring Chances" and "Face-Offs Won".
  • At the end of the game, the scorekeeper should print the scoresheet.
  • Paper copies should be delivered to each team.
  • Paper copies of the scoresheets may be printed and delivered to the teams after each period (optional).
  • Recommendation:  Print a PDF files and print your paper copies from it.

Uploading Scoresheets to the Internet
If you are uploading the scoresheets to web site
  • Print a PDF file
  • Upload the scoresheet (as directed by your web master)
  •  if you would like assistance with setting up a tournament web page Contact RinkWriter.

Uploading Scoresheets to a Web Page:
If you choose to upload your tournament results to the Internet, it is helpful if you have a web page showing your schedule and results. 
Have your web master set up your web page, and have your web master update your web page throughout the tournament.  

If your arena has an Internet connection, you may upload your scoresheets to the Internet from rink-side.

Contact RinkWriter for help with setting up a tournament web page. 

Rink Coordinator:
It is helpful to have a person at each rink who can:
  • be available to assist assist/train new scorekeepers if needed.
  • get the starting lineups and 
  • distributing the scoresheets to the teams after each period or game.

Scorekeeper Training:
RinkWriter is intuitive and easy to learn, however, unexpected things can happen very quickly under game conditions.  
  • It is helpful if your scorekeepers are familiar with RinkWriter.  
  • It is recommend that your scorekeepers visit the Instructions  provided on the RinkWriter web site.

Rink-Side Manual:  
It is beneficial to have rink schedule available for your announcer/scorekeepers: 
  • The Date and Time for each game.
  • The game number for each game.
  • The Level of competition for each game.
  • The PDF name for each game... if they are being uploaded to a web site.
  • The names of the scorekeepers for each game.
Provide your announcer/scorekeeper with the:  
  • Tournament Rules
  • Pre-game announcements
  • Post-game announcements
  • Procedure for awards ceremonies
  • Names of coaches for each team
  • Names of officials for each game.
  • Procedure for uploading scoresheets to the Internet