Having Multiple Folders on Your Desktop

You may have more than one RinkWriter folder on your desktop.  

Each folder will contain its own set of data (game).  

Each folder must have a unique name.  (Examples may be: "Varsity" , "Junior Varsity", "Bantams", "Pee Wees", "Bantam A", "CIC", "West Regional", "Game 1", "Game 2", etc.).

Folders may be named after a scorekeeper, a tournament, or a team. To make additional folders: 
  • Copy an existing folder
  • Paste it to your desktop
  • Rename the new folder

Sample Folders:

Every scorekeeper could use the same "RinkWriter" folder, however, it works best to have multiple folders on your computer desktop: 

  • Several games can be set up ahead of time...one in each folder. 
  • This works well for tournaments.  
  • For high school games, you may create separate folders for your "JV" and "Varsity" games.
  • Separate folders make it possible to go back and edit a previous game.
  • Separate folders may be created for each game of the season...optional.

A desktop "RinkWriter" folder (including the software & data) may be saved to a USB Flash/Thumb Drive.  From there, it may be transferred to other computers...which have the  RinkWriter software installed on it.

Flash Drives: